In partnership with the Bladium Sports Club, this 110,000 square foot facility is a young child's dream playground. With two SportCourt basketball floors, camps and group classes here are geared for our younger players (Ages 4-11). Located on Alameda's former Naval Base, you’ll find plenty of parking. Hanging around waiting for your kids? Alameda is equipped with WiFi, a workout gym (additional cost) and a restaurant— as well as an amazing view of the San Francisco skyline. Bottom line: this is an ideal place for you to stay and watch your kids improve and have fun.

Bladium Sports Club
800 West Tower Ave Bldg 40
Alameda, CA 94501

Classes At Alameda

Beginner - Intermediate

Ages 4-5

Lil’ Ballers

These exciting group classes are a great way to hook your kids on basketball. We lower the hoops to fit the players and teach fundamentals of the game such as dribbling, shooting, and the basic rules of the game.

Beginner - Intermediate

Ages 5-6

Lil’ Ballers Plus

Like our Lil’ Ballers class, this group class is also a great introduction to the game of basketball we are sure your kids will love! The only difference is the age group.

Beginner - Intermediate

Ages 6-7

Jr. Ballers

These group training classes take students to the next level and focus on intermediate skills such as movement off the ball, body control, fundamental skills, and cooperation.

Beginner - Intermediate

Ages 8-9

Pee Wee Ballers

This group class will begin to teach your kids about proper shooting technique, as they are beginning to become strong enough to shoot on a regulation goal. They will also learn to dribble with their weak hand and how to drive to the basket and finish.


Ages 8-11

Pee Wee Ballers Plus

These group classes mark the beginning of a slightly faster version of the game. Finishing strong on a drive to the basket, proper shooting technique, and a focus on teamwork make this class a crucial part of a Pee Wee Baller’s education.

Beginner - Intermediate

Ages 10-12


This group class will teach students the more intermediate skills of the game with high-intensity drills. Players will learn to shoot on the move, gracefully handle the ball, and score creatively all rooted in the fundamental triple threat position.

Camps At Alameda

Beginner - Intermediate

Ages 6-14

Total Skills

Our signature camp teaches students of all skill levels how to dribble, pass, and shoot. Just like the name suggests, we cover everything here—and your kids will have so much fun, they won’t even realize they are learning!

Beginner - Intermediate

Ages 6-14

Super Handles

Players will learn to see the floor like Magic and handle the rock like Steph in this week long camp! Settling into a level of comfort and ease of movement, players will fine tune their ability to score by handing the ball well with either hand.

Beginner - Intermediate

Ages 6-14

Dribbling and Shooting

As the old saying goes, “You have to learn to walk before you run.” Our beginner to intermediate camp helps players get the basics of dribbling moves down before learning the fancy flyer moves of scoring.