Sid Edwards

Coach Sid is a true student of the game. He excels at breaking down strategies to get the best results. For years, he has been a fan of Triple Threat and now has jumped in with both feet!

Mike Scott

Mike brings a tenacity and excitement to his coaching that is infectious. Kids love the enthusiasm and fun with which he coaches, but they also know that when it’s game time, he plays to win! He is a Senior Trainer and Camp Director for TTA.

Drew Nash

Drew has played basketball his whole life. In fact, it was his high school coach who introduced him to Triple Threat Academy. Since then, Drew he’s had a drive to pass on his knowledge of the game to others.

Miles Tarver

Every so often, the right person connects with the right profession... and magic happens. And when Miles Tarver joined Triple Threat Academy in 2007, we all said “abracadabra.” Our most decorated coach, Miles won a California State Championship alongside Jason Kidd in ‘92 at Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School.

Stephen Clark

Ever walk into a gym and just know that you want your kid to work with that coach you see at other side: sweating, getting kids excited, having fun and all while learning? Meet Coach Stephen and he is that coach.

Coach Kris

Kristjan Aubry

Kristjan was born to be a basketball player. From very early on, she was one of the tallest kids in school, earning the nickname “Baby Shaq” from friends. Her view from above has given her a perspective of the game that allows her to quickly identify what makes each player unique and how to infuse their personality into their training.

Keith Lai

When Triple Threat Academy hosted a few classes at a local 24-Hour Fitness, Keith discovered the magic that goes on here and was hooked. Already experienced as a personal trainer, he fit in naturally with us—and has quickly become one of our top coaches.

Darius Foster

As a kid, Darius remembers watching Michael Jordan on TV. He was so fluid and made everything look so easy, that—just like in the Gatorade commercials—he was inspired to “be like Mike!”