Coach Sid

Coach Sid is a true student of the game. He excels at breaking down strategies to get the best results. For years, he has been a fan of Triple Threat and now has jumped in with both feet!

Coach Jarryn

Jarryn has played basketball his whole life and started coaching with TTA while still in high school. Since focusing on coaching full time, Jarryn's drive to pass on his knowledge of the game to others in unmatched.

Coach Tray

Coach Tray learned the game of basketball in Price George's County, home to more NBA players than any other county in America. Born and raised in Baltimore, Coach Tray brings an East Coast approach to his coaching. Joining TTA in 2018, he has quickly become one of our top coaches.

Coach Kiki

Teaching kids the fundamentals of basketball, and seeing the love that some kids have for this game have been Coach Kiki's highlights so far working with TTA. The kids and coaching staff are amazing!

Coach Miles

Every so often, the right person connects with the right profession... and magic happens. And when Miles Tarver joined Triple Threat Academy in 2007, we all said “abracadabra.” Our most decorated coach, Miles won a California State Championship alongside Jason Kidd in ‘92 at Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School.