We have a program to match any age and skill level.


Triple Threat Academy is the most proven (and most affordable) way for your child to improve their basketball skills. Your young player will develop confidence in a safe and secure environment with our stellar coaching staff. You’ll love the way they get better at their game—and they’ll have so much fun they won’t know they’re learning.

From beginner to advanced, we help your child meet their basketball goals.

TTA started in 2003 with the idea of bringing a first-class attitude back to American basketball. Built with passion and determination for helping kids, TTA is now a household name in the Bay Area, and is recognized as one of the finest basketball training academies in the world.

Our goal is to give every student a positive experience, because we understand that lessons learned on the court can help shape their lives off the court as well. Education is a fundamental element of Triple Threat Academy—an element emphasized and ingrained into every student’s mind.



Our camps run during school breaks in the summer, spring and winter. While other camps in the area focus simply on games, at Triple Threat we’re all about teaching basketball fundamentals first and putting games second.

Camps are 3 to 4 days long and typically run from 9am-3pm, and are designed to teach and introduce skills, techniques and moves. Players spend time on each before moving on to the next. Ages 6-14


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Group Classes

mikescott1Year-round group classes (8 Week Sessions) take the techniques learned in camps and get more in specific, so kids can develop and improve their skills more rapidly. Triple Threat Academy’s Group Training Classes were the first in the country to offer affordable skill training for all ages and skill levels.

We have helped pioneer the way kids learn basketball today, and since Day One we’ve seen countless children succeed and meet their goals. Your child could be one of them! We offer sessions year-round in 8 weeks blocks.

Standard group classes are 80 minutes in length. We spend the first 45-55 minutes doing skill work, drills and teaching. The final 15-25 minutes of each class is spent practicing competitive situations, like a scrimmage, 1-on-1, 2-on-2 or another fun game based on what was taught that day. This helps build a mistake-friendly environment where kids can try and react to the new skills learned in a game-like situation. Ages 4-15

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Jamba League

marcusgreen1For those looking for more games and competition, we offer our outdoor 4v4 League in Oakland. This takes place on our outside court and is a great mix of competition, development, coaching and fun.

Each team has their own dedicated coach and will play and 8 game league that includes 6 regular season games, the Final Four and a Championship Game

We offer this: Spring, Summer and Fall

Please note: age groups offered for teams can change from season to season, so please check the Jamba page for up-to-date details.

Jamba League