Beginner - Intermediate

Ages 4-5

Lil’ Ballers

These exciting group classes are a great way to hook your kids on basketball. We lower the hoops to fit the players and teach fundamentals of the game such as dribbling, shooting, and the basic rules of the game.

Beginner - Intermediate

Ages 5-6

Lil’ Ballers Plus

Like our Lil’ Ballers class, this group class is also a great introduction to the game of basketball we are sure your kids will love! The only difference is the age group.

Beginner - Intermediate

Ages 6-7

Jr. Ballers

These group training classes take students to the next level and focus on intermediate skills such as movement off the ball, body control, fundamental skills, and cooperation.

Beginner - Intermediate

Ages 8-9

Pee Wee Ballers

This group class will begin to teach your kids about proper shooting technique, as they are beginning to become strong enough to shoot on a regulation goal. They will also learn to dribble with their weak hand and how to drive to the basket and finish.


Ages 8-11

Pee Wee Ballers Plus

These group classes mark the beginning of a slightly faster version of the game. Finishing strong on a drive to the basket, proper shooting technique, and a focus on teamwork make this class a crucial part of a Pee Wee Baller’s education.

Beginner - Intermediate

Ages 10-12


This group class will teach students the more intermediate skills of the game with high-intensity drills. Players will learn to shoot on the move, gracefully handle the ball, and score creatively all rooted in the fundamental triple threat position.

Intermediate - Advanced

Ages 10-12

Crossover Uptempo

An advanced version of our regular Crossover class, this group training class is for players who already have some basketball experience.


Ages 13-15

High Performance

This group class will teach students the more intermediate/advanced skills of the game with high-intensity drills. Players will learn to shoot on the move, gracefully handle the ball, and score creatively all rooted in the fundamental triple threat position.

People In Our Group Classes Also Love Our Camps


My son, Brody, participated in Triple Threat's Group Classes every season for 4 years. He loves it - the basketball, the incredible coaches (especially Coach Miles), and the friends he made. It was the perfect introduction to basketball and it's where he began to love the game. Two of my friends had their daughters in Brody's class and I loved seeing them all out there running around together! I appreciated that the lessons he learned were more than just basketball related, but also helped him to mature and gain confidence. I remember a time when he was hit hard in the arm by the ball during a scrimmage and he got teary eyed and I wanted to run out and help him, but the coach got to him first and spoke to him and Brody smiled, shook it off, and went right back out to play. We both learned a lot from TTA. I would recommend TTA for any and all girls and boys interested in the game!


TTA is awesome! The best. Period. We have been part of the TTA community for almost 1 year and my son loves it. Every time he has a big smile on his face when it is time to go to basketball practice. The coaches are fantastic. Great educators! They keep an eye on each kid. My kid is learning how to play basketball, up his skills and to be part of a team. Thanks TTA. The best sports community for kids in the Bay Area.


I discovered TTA in 2008 when my oldest child was four years old. We were so impressed with the quality of instruction, positive energy of the coaches, and overall developmental philosophy of the company that I had all three of my children attend over the years. My youngest child is seven years old and currently attending. My children have participated in the group classes, winter and summer camps, and TTA club teams. They have benefited physically, learning basic fundamental basketball skills and activities to promote general gross motor development. In addition, they have gained an appreciation and interest in playing recreationally, which hopefully will be something they continue with into adulthood as a way of exercising and keeping fit. They have benefited emotionally, gaining confidence, learning sportsmanship, and learning how to be part of team. TTA has helped my children gain skills so much more beyond just how to play basketball, but skills that will help them achieve their goals either on or off the court.