Jamba League- Powered by Jamba


Utilizing our new outdoor facility, kids will be broken up by grade, assigned to a team and have one session per week that includes practice and games!

We have made it as convenient as possible with a set schedule for each group. Please read below for full details and don’t delay, space is extremely limited.

This league will be a great introduction if your child has never played on a team before and is super interested in playing games. If your child is a TOTAL beginner, we recommend taking our classes  or camps before doing the league.

2024- Dates Below are Approximate and will be finalized in January
March 19th-May 25thJune 5th-August 16thAugust 21st-October 12th

If you are having trouble deciding on a level, we recommend picking your grade level. If you are looking for more competition, please play up a grade

Please do not choose based on convenience/schedule. This will ensure all kids are in a position to excel and have success.

Grade Level


Play Up a Grade Level

  • Done several classes/camps
  • New to playing games or played in Jamba before and felt overwhelmed
  • On the smaller side for age
  • Looking for a Less Competitive Environment
  • Done multiple classes/camps/D-Leagues
  • Played in Games/Leagues or Jamba before and felt comfortable and want more of a challenge
  • On the average/large size for age
  • Looking for a More Competitive Environment


Details – Spring 2024

When: TBD
Location: TTA Oakland- 3800 Mountain Blvd- Outdoor Courts

**We will not be offering makeup days for canceled classes due to rain, air quality or other events outside of our control for this fall session. If there are multiple days missed because of this, we will offer another opportunity to get the games played **


  • Dedicated TTA Coach
  • Four Teams in Each Grade/Skill Division
  • TTA Skills Training Incorporated into Practice
  • Mistake Friendly Environment to Learn the Game
  • 8 Total Games

Team Breakdowns

  • Each Division will have 4 teams.
  • If you would like to join with friends, we are allowing 2 friend requests per team OR you must create a complete team (7 kids)
  • To create a complete team, please send an email to contact@triplethreatonline.com with all 7 kids’ names and which Division

Schedule and Divisions- 

Current Grade (2023-24)
2nd Grade4:10-5:30pm #1
2nd/3rd Grade4:10-5:30pm #3
3rd4:10-5:30pm #5
4th4:10-5:30pm #7
5th Grade5:40-7pm #2
6th5:40-7pm #6
7th/8th5:40-7pm #8
Current Grade (2023-24)
5th/6th5:40-7pm #4


  • One (1) 80 Minute Session Per Week **
  • Each Session includes ~30 minute practice followed by a game
  • First six (6) games will determine the the seeding for the final tournament
  • Final two (2) games are a bracket style tournament

** 80 minutes is the allotted time, we allow time for overtime and sometimes the games go quicker and the full 80 minutes is not utilized. Each day will consist of a 30 minute practice and a game.

Our goal is for the kids to learn the game, build confidence and fall in love with basketball. This will be a mistake friendly environment and our coaches will encourage kids to just play and learn from their mistakes.

Games will be played 4 vs 4. We feel this is a great way for kids to get lots of opportunity to touch the ball, shoot the ball and be a part of every single play to maximize development.

Hoops are lowered to the appropriate height to maximize success and made baskets.

8.5 Feet9 Feet9.5 Feet10 Feet
2nd Grade2nd/3rd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade5th/6th/7th/8th


You will be given a jersey prior to the first game. This jersey must be returned at the last game/practice or you will incur a $40 charge

Uniforms are subject to change colors/designs.  The picture below is a representation of what kids will wear.

Powered by Jamba 

Jamba is more than smoothies, Jamba is community. We are happy to announce that our local Jamba will be sponsoring the league in their efforts to build community and promote healthier lifestyles. They have generously provided the uniforms and will be providing our TTA families discounts/deals to encourage you to visit them after games and practices to refuel.