I love TTA because my coaches are nice and teach me so much about basketball and I have fun playing. I am always improving and keep coming because I am pushed and challenged to do my best!



My 3 boys have been attending TTA group classes year-round for several years now and they are really enjoying it! They love the fun, non-competitive environment and opportunity to play basketball with their friends. I love the talented coaches who get to know each student, gauges their ability, and then develops their skills through a series of drills, games, and scrimmages. Despite the large group size, they are great at providing 1-1 attention. Their teaching style is no nonsense and incredibly effective. The coaches excel at getting the best out of their students. TTA has instilled confidence and a love of basketball in my boys, which is what keeps us coming back time and time again!



I've been a fan and follower of Triple Threat for years. I've always wanted to be a part of the team but my availability was limited due to my work schedule. I spoke with 2 of my friends who are currently TTA trainers and after hearing about how much they enjoy the job I decided it was time to apply. I wish more people understood that what we do at Triple Threat isn't all about basketball. While teaching skills is important, We also focus on teaching the kids how to listen, be respectful and have fun while learning how to play basketball.



My son, Brody, participated in Triple Threat's Group Classes every season for 4 years. He loves it - the basketball, the incredible coaches (especially Coach Miles), and the friends he made. It was the perfect introduction to basketball and it's where he began to love the game. Two of my friends had their daughters in Brody's class and I loved seeing them all out there running around together! I appreciated that the lessons he learned were more than just basketball related, but also helped him to mature and gain confidence. I remember a time when he was hit hard in the arm by the ball during a scrimmage and he got teary eyed and I wanted to run out and help him, but the coach got to him first and spoke to him and Brody smiled, shook it off, and went right back out to play. We both learned a lot from TTA. I would recommend TTA for any and all girls and boys interested in the game!



TTA is awesome! The best. Period. We have been part of the TTA community for almost 1 year and my son loves it. Every time he has a big smile on his face when it is time to go to basketball practice. The coaches are fantastic. Great educators! They keep an eye on each kid. My kid is learning how to play basketball, up his skills and to be part of a team. Thanks TTA. The best sports community for kids in the Bay Area.

Triple Threat Academy Parent



TTA has been an amazing experience for us. TTA has surpassed our expectations. More than just a competitive basketball league, TTA and their coaching staff have trained and expanded our son's skill set and his passion for the sport. It has really been an exciting organization to be a part of. The coach, the other families, the locations, the training and the teaching has all been beyond believable. Our son has developed into a better basketball player than he would have if he joined a league that only focused on tournaments. He has made friends with teammates and his coach. He looks forward to practice as much as the games. TTA has a special place in our family.



I discovered TTA in 2008 when my oldest child was four years old. We were so impressed with the quality of instruction, positive energy of the coaches, and overall developmental philosophy of the company that I had all three of my children attend over the years. My youngest child is seven years old and currently attending. My children have participated in the group classes, winter and summer camps, and TTA club teams. They have benefited physically, learning basic fundamental basketball skills and activities to promote general gross motor development. In addition, they have gained an appreciation and interest in playing recreationally, which hopefully will be something they continue with into adulthood as a way of exercising and keeping fit. They have benefited emotionally, gaining confidence, learning sportsmanship, and learning how to be part of team. TTA has helped my children gain skills so much more beyond just how to play basketball, but skills that will help them achieve their goals either on or off the court.