Coach Miles

Every so often, the right person connects with the right profession... and magic happens. And when Miles Tarver joined Triple Threat Academy in 2007, we all said “abracadabra.”

Our most decorated coach, Miles won a California State Championship alongside Jason Kidd in ‘92 at Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School. He then won the NCAA Big Ten Conference with the University of Minnesota and went on to make a Final Four appearance with the same team. Then he won the International Basketball League Championship in 2000 with the St. Louis Swarm!

But it’s not just his experience that kids and parents love. Miles approaches coaching from a holistic perspective, incorporating mental, physical, and spiritual encouragement to players. In doing so, he makes even the most mundane drills exciting.

There’s no doubt Miles can get things done and pull extraordinary results out of players. He believes in them before they do... which encourages them to have confidence in themselves. And when that happens, you can always tell by the giant smile on Miles’ face… Basketball may be his first love, but watching kids succeed is a close second!


  • High School- St. Joseph Notre Dame (CA) 1991-92 CIF Division 1 State Champions
  • College- University of Minnesota- 1996-97 Big Ten Conference Champions, 1996-97 NCAA Final Four, 1997-98 NIT Champions
  • Professional: Saint Louis Swarm- 1999-2000 International Basketball League Champions


  • Oakland