Dribbling and Shooting Camp Breakdown


  • 3 or 4 Day Camps- Summer, Spring, Winter, and Thanksgiving
  • 9am-3pm (6 Hours)
  • Groups separated by age and skill
  • Focus on basic fundamental development
  • Beginner/Intermediate


  • Co-Ed
  • Desire to learn the game the right way and have fun
  • Must bring your own basketball and lunch daily
  • No experience required


  • High Energy Basics Focusing on Dribbling and Shooting
  • Great mix of teaching, drills and games
  • Dribbling: Control Dribbling, Moves off the Dribble, Moves out of Triple Threat Position
  • Shooting: Form Shooting, Layups, Shooting Footwork and How to Finish
  • Make basketball fun

Registration Locations: