DatesApril 23rd-June 17thJune 18th-August 19th
No ClassMay 25-27July 1-7
Total ClassesAll Days = 8
Sat/Sun/Mon = 7
PriceAll Days: $240
Sat/Sun/Mon: $210
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Final Class Day: 2024 SPRING II SESSION:

June 17thJune 11thJune 12thJune 13thJune 15thJune 16th


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2024 Summer Group Classes (June 18th–Aug 19th)

Oakland- 3800 Mountain Blvd
All Classes are Co-Ed and predominantly Boys
For All Girls classes offered in Oakland, check out our: Girls Academy
AgeClass #DayTimeType
No Monday Classes Scheduled for Summer
5-6#04Tuesday4-5:20pmGroup Class
7-8#05Tuesday5:20-6:40pmGroup Class
Ages 12-14#06Tuesday6:40-8:10pmGame Time
6/7 GradeAdvancedTuesday3:50-5:10pmHigh School Prep
7/8/9 GradeAdvancedTuesday5:10-6:30pmHigh School Prep
High School Prep Classes Take Place at The Greek Cathedral- 4700 Lincoln Ave
No Wednesday Classes Scheduled for Summer
5-6#10Thursday4-5:20pmGroup Class
7-9#11Thursday5:20-6:40pmGroup Class
10-12#12Thursday6:40-8pmGame Time
5-6#13Sunday10-11:20amGroup Class
7-9#14Sunday11:20-12:40pmGroup Class
2nd/3rd Grade#15Sunday12:40-2pmGame Time
4th/5thGrade#16Sunday2-3:20pmGame Time

San Ramon- 23 Beta Court Suite D
All Classes are Co-Ed unless marked: Girls Academy
AgeClass #DayTimeType
5-6#01Monday4-5:20pmGroup Class
7-8#02Monday5:20-6:40pmGroup Class
10-12#03Monday6:40-8pmGirls Academy
7-8#04Tuesday4-5:20pmGroup Class
9-10#05Tuesday5:20-6:40pmGroup Class
12-14#06Tuesday6:40-8pmGame Time
5-6#07Wednesday4-5:20pmGroup Class
2nd/3rd Grade#08Wednesday5:20-6:40pmGame Time
4th/5th Grade#09Wednesday6:40-8pmGame Time
5-7#10Thursday4-5:20pmGroup Class
8-10#11Thursday5:20-6:40pmGroup Class
11-13#12Thursday6:40-8pmGame Time
5-6#13Saturday9-10:20amGroup Class
7-8#14Saturday10:20-11:40amGroup Class
9-11#15Saturday11:40-1pmGroup Class
5-7#16Sunday10-11:20amGroup Class
Grades 2-8Boys3 vs 3 League11:30-4:30pmView Schedule
Alameda- 800 West Tower Ave Bldg 40 (SoFive/Bladium)
All Classes are Co-Ed. For All Girls classes, check out our: Girls Academy
AgeClass #DayTimeType
4-5#01Saturday9-10:20amGroup Class
6-7#02Saturday9-10:20amGroup Class
8-9#03Saturday9-10:20amGroup Class
4-5#04Saturday10:20-11:40amGroup Class
6-7#05Saturday10:20-11:40amGroup Class
7-8#06Saturday10:20-11:40amGroup Class
5-6#07Saturday11:40-1pmGroup Class
7-8#08Saturday11:40-1pmGroup Class
9-11#09Saturday11:40-1pmGroup Class
Girls Academy: Oakland- 4700 Lincoln Ave
AgeClass #DayTimeType
6-7#01Monday3:30-4:45pmGroup Class
8-10#02Monday4:40-5:55pmGroup Class
7-9#03Wednesday3:30-4:45pmGroup Class
10-13#04Wednesday4:40-5:55pmGroup Class
 Grades 5th/6th/7th#05 Thursday 4-5:15pm Game Time  
8-10#06Thursday5:15-6:30Group Class

How to Pick a Class

Our classes are mostly geared beginner to intermediate for ages 4-10, then get more advanced for ages 11-14. If your child is advanced for their age, we recommend joining a higher age group.

We have multiple coaches within each class, so kids will be broken up by age/skill and the class level will be dialed up/down depending on the level of the group. Players of all skill levels will be challenged and benefit.

How Does it Work?

  • Pick a class that fits your child’s age and skill level
  • Choose a day of the week and time that work for you based on the schedule we offer
  • You will come to that day and time for the entire session
  • Each class is it’s own entity and has a different set of kids
  • Want more than one day per week, just add another day and you will qualify for our multiple class discount. We offer different types of classes. They are very similar, however each is formatted a bit different based on what you are looking for–more skill work or more game situations.For full details on our different offerings, click below:
  • Group Classes
  • Girls Academy
  • Game Time
  • High School Prep
  • Jamba League (Seasonal)