Why Sign-Up For A TTA Camp?

All Day Hoops – Rarely do you a chance to spend six or seven hours in a gym playing basketball all day.  That’s what our camps are all about. A place where you can come and have a whole day of hoops.  Warm-ups, skill drills and development, fun games, contests, and scrimmages all in one.

Improve Your Game – This is a chance, right in the middle of the basketball season, to really take strides in your game.  Shooting, passing, rebounding, defense, whatever it may be, camps are a good time to hone in on one or two skills and really improve with all the time you get to practice during camp.

Professional Coaches – Many of our coaches are former college or pro players as well as coaches at high schools and colleges.  Come get coached and developed by people that really know basketball.

Organized Fun – Red light green light dribbling game, shooting competitions, dribbling competitions, knockout, and other basketball games that are way more fun playing with a giant group of fellow hoopers.

Awards- Won a “Best Camp in the Bay Area” Award every year since 2009.  Fun + Basketball + Skill Development = Great Camps.

BASKETBALL! – We already said it but we’ll say it again, you get to play basketball ALL DAY!  Hoops with friends, in a giant gym, with great coaches, and tons of fun.  It’s a summer basketball camp in the middle of winter.  For a true lover of basketball, this can’t be missed.

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