Warm-Up Week: Shooting Drills

We’ve covered how we warm-up for practices and games here at TTA and five drills that will help get your whole game warmed up.  Now we’re going to focus on just warming up that jumper. Here are a few drills, some for teams so for by yourself, to get your jump shot ready to go.

chriscobbdribbleKentucky Shooting Drill – Have two lines lined up under the basket on either lane.  One person in the front of a line starts out by running a loop around the free throw line to the opposite block where they catch a pass from that line for a shot.  Then the passer starts his loop for a shot on the other block.  This drill focuses on shooting, passing and communication.  After you make five in a row, move the shot farther back.

Three Man Weave with Shot –  Run a basic three man weave drill, get the whole body nice and warmed up from running and take jump shots instead of layups.  This will get you ready to shoot on the move or on the fast break.  Great practice drill and a good way to get the whole body moving.

Beat Larry Bird Drill – If you are alone and want to turn a shooting warm-up into a game, this is a great one.  Start at half court and dribble to a spot on the floor.  If you swish it 2 points, if the ball hits the rim or backboard 1 point.  If you miss “Larry Bird” or whatever player you want to play against gets 3 points.  Play a game to 11 or 15 and challenge yourself to focus on your shot and get better at shooting off the dribble.

Short-Range Warm-Up – Stand directly in front of the basket and make five to ten shots, then move back a step.  This drill focuses on really getting your form and mechanics correct for when you are moving quickly and need to get up a shot up fast.  When that happens you’ll rely on the muscle memory you tried to create by shooting with perfect form in this warm-up drill.

Around The World – Shooting is a lot about rhythm and you want to establish that in your warm-up.  Grab a partner and make five spots along the perimeter. Then make five shots at each spot while your partner rebound and passes you the ball for a shot.  You’re working on finding comfort in different spots on the floor and shooting off the catch.  This is a great way to warm-up with two people.

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