What Should You Do Now?

You have registered for our waitlist, what should you do now?

We will periodically update you on the status of the waitlist.  If a spot opens up, we go in the order that the waitlist registration was received and offer that family a spot in the class.  They have 24 hours to respond before we go move to the next on the list.

You have three options and we can handle all of your requests with the information in your account–just let us know what you’d like do to.

Your 3 Options:

1) Take a space in another class/camp that has an opening.  If a spot opens in the class you originally signed up for, we will notify you and give you the option to move into that class.  See Available Programs

2) Remain on the wait list and we will notify you when/if a spot opens up

3) Be removed from the wait list and have your $5 refunded

If you remain on the wait list, half way through the session you will automatically be taken off and your $5 will be refunded.

Please let us know what you’d like to do.

Why Am I Charged To Join The Waitlist?

We charge $5 to hold your spot. It also keeps the waitlist full with families that are truly interested in the class and ready to take a spot if one opens up.

This fee will either be applied to your season fee if a spot opens up, or refunded if no spot opens by the fifth week of the season.

The fee will be charged to your credit card, because doing so makes it easier for us to move you into a class and secure your spot if one opens up. (Because we’ll already have all the information we need.)

What Are The Chances Of Getting Off The Waitlist?

We have very strict player to coach ratios and try our best to maintain those at all times.  To be honest, it’s totally random.  Sometimes we have a lot of cancellations due to kids being over scheduled with other activities and sometimes we get no cancellations.

Our Recommendation

Our recommendation is to stay on the waitlist and register for another day to guarantee a spot in the program now and for future sessions…as long as you stay enrolled.

Why Register For Another Class that May Not Be As Convenient?

We promote and reward loyalty with our VIP discount. Here’s how it works: our current students are always given the chance to register for the next season’s classes one week before the general public—and they get a discount on future classes.

That’s right, your spot is guaranteed, and we give you a discount for doing it.  You don’t have to stay in the same class, you can choose any time or day.