We have been hard at work!

In order to provide the best experience possible, we have made significant upgrades to our Oakland facility located on the Campus of Golden Gate Academy. Without your continued support, this would not be possible–Thank You!

Improvement #1 – Inside Floor Remodel

  • Sanded the floor
  • Fixed Dead Spots
  • Replaced Broken Panels
  • Leveled the Floor
  • Refinished the Floor


Improvement #2 – Parking Lot

  • Removed Gravel
  • Filled Pot Holes
  • Sealed Entire Lot
  • Painted Parking Lines
  • No more dust
  • Painted Arrows for Traffic Flow


Improvement #3 – Outside Court Underlayment

  • Pulled Up Existing Color Tiles
  • Laid Down 6,000 Sq Feet of Asphalt
  • Created FLAT playing surface
  • Fixed Dead/Uneven Spots
  • Placed Tiles back down

Players will now see increased comfort and performance as our outdoor court is perfectly flat and a great place for all ages to compete at a high level