The Ten Best Ways To Help You Tryout And Make Your Basketball Team

With tryout season here for basketball teams, it’s time to start thinking about the advantages you can use to make your team.  No matter what age or level, these ten things can help you in earning a spot on your desired squad.  You’ve already put all the time into training in your Triple Threat classes, now is the time to put that into use for your team.

1. Always Hustle.  Dive for loose balls, draw charges, hustle on the fast break on both offense and defense, be disruptive on defense and play hard.  Every little play matters, always be active.

2. Be Vocal.  Talk to your teammates on defense and learn the offense quickly so you can communicate on that end.  If you’re a positive talker the coach will notice you as a knowledgeable player and potential team leader.

3. Listen To Your Coach.  If the coach notices that you are improving just a little bit in the tryout practices by using the advice he gives, it’ll go a long way.

4. Play Confidently.  Whether you miss a layup, get a shot blocked, lose a pass out of bounds or make any type of bad play, don’t let it affect you.  The coach doesn’t want to see someone who gets affected in a negative fashion easily.  Stay confident and your game will show it.

5. Come Early and Stay Late.  Come early to practices.  Talk to the coaches, establish a relationship, show that you care about the team.  During drills, always be first in line, ready to play. Then after practice, stick around and work on your game.  Simply get some shots up at the least.  Show that you know how to train and prepare for hoops.  You’re a TTA veteran, this should be easy.

6. Play Within Your Role. If you’re a three point shooter and good defender, try to exert more aggressiveness in those areas.  If you’re a solid rebounder, go after every board on both sides of the ball. Try to highlight the things you’re good at.

7. Stay Aggressive. The coach wants someone who will push the rest of the team in practices and games. Be that player.

8. Ask Questions.  If you are not sure of something or want help on working on a part of your game, ask the coach.  He’s there to help you.

9. Be Selfless.  At a tryout everyone wants to show off their skills.  You need to stand out but you can stand out in other ways by making the extra pass, playing hard defense, and communicating with your teammates.

10. Keep Working Hard Til The Buzzer Sounds.  Tryouts aren’t won or lost on the first day.  If you have a bad day, shake it off.  There’s going to be a couple or few days of tryouts, bring your hard hat to the next day of practice and be the hardest worker there.