Jamba League Updates


On rainy days, we will notify you of cancelation 3-4 hours before the start of your class via email/text and this page will be updated

If you don’t receive anything from us, the class will take place. We will also update the status below

= Class is Happening

= Class is Canceled and a MAKEUP has been scheduled

= Time has been changed due to weather

Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs Classes: Makeup classes on Fridays will take place at the same time as your normally scheduled class.


Last Updated: 4/13 at 10:15am
 Class Time
New Time

Future Makeup Classes
Original Date
Makeup Date

Please remember, the time frame is the allotted time to have a practice and two games, allowing some extra time in case a game goes to overtime. Classes may end prior to the end time posted.

Jamba Announcements- Please Read

This will be the first in a series of post with information regarding the details of the league. This will cover: Upload Pictures, Rain/Makeup Policies, Uniforms and Schedule. Please read the entire email as it contains important details regarding the league. Thank you so much.

1) Upload a picture: Please log into your account here and upload a picture of your child. This will help the coaches learn names and properly evaluate the kids to make sure that teams are divided evenly.

2) Rain Policy: We have been getting much more rain this year than usual and we are hoping that it won't have a huge impact on the Jamba. Having said that, safety is extremely important to us and we will only play if the court is completely dry.

An email and text will be sent ONLY if we have made a cancelation. We will also post any cancelations to this link at least 4 hours before the start of your practice.

Makeup Policy: We hope for the first several weeks you can be flexible with makeup days. If your game is canceled, we will attempt to do do a makeup the same week on either Friday afternoon or Sunday afternoon. These are the times that the courts are available. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

3) Uniforms: Every player will be loaned a Jamba jersey. We ask that you take care and wash gently as these will need to be returned at the end of the league. It's very important that you show up the first day of practice to receive your jersey--even if you are busy that day please have someone swing by to collect the jersey.

4) Schedule: Please see the schedule below so you can plan accordingly This is subject to change if we need to adjust for weather.

Week 1- Uniforms, Evaluation, Scrimmage
Week 2- Team Assignments, Practice and Game
Week 3- Practice and Scrimmage- No Official Games (April 2-6)
Week 4- Practice and Game
Week 5- Practice and Game
Week 6- Practice and Game
Week 7- Practice and Game
Week 8- Practice and Game
Week 9- Practice and Game (Final Four)
Week 10- Final Games **

Each team will play 6 total regular season games. The teams will then be seeded by record and play in the Final Four (Week 9).
  • The Winning teams in week 9 move on to the Championship Game week 10
  • The Losing teams in week 9 move on the the 3rd Place Game week 10
Please see the Schedule for Championship and 3rd Place Games. 3rd place game will play on the split court and the Championship games will take place on the full court
  • 4pm: 3rd Place Games (All Divisions)
  • 5pm: Championship Game (1st, 3rd/4th Green, 2nd Gold, 2nd Green Divisions)
  • 6pm: Championship Game (3rd Gold, 4th Gold, 5th/6th Divisions)
  • Each team will play 6 regular season games, followed by two playoff games. Playoff seeding will be determined by the standings/results of the regular season
  • Each game will consist of two (2) 16 minute running halves. If the game is close, the clock will stop in the final minute of the second half
  • Each team will get one (1) timeout per game
  • Pressing: 1st and 2nd grade will have a NO press rule in order to keep the flow of the game going.  For all other grades, pressing is permitted in the 2nd half if the score is within 10 points.
  • Playing time will be distributed equally amongst the players to best of their coaches ability
  • Overtime will consist of a two (2) minute sudden death. First team to score wins. If neither team scores, it will go to a sudden death shootout where each players gets one free throw attempt. The team with the most made free throws after an even number of attempts has been made wins the game
Parent Code of Conduct
  • This is a fun league and while we want to teach the kids to win, it's more important that they enjoy the experience with new/old friends and continue to love the game of basketball
  • It's not that serious. Kids will look lost sometimes, refs will miss some calls (or let some things go as the younger kids learn the game) and there will be some ups and downs. NOBODY will get a scholarship or make the WNBA/NBA over the next 10 weeks
  • We ask that you be a supporter of your child and ultimately, all the children. Our job is to build them up, especially when they are down. Our kids don't try to miss shots, turn the ball over or lose the game. This will happen and please know that the kids are trying their best. Basketball is a very hard sport to learn and the best way to learn is through mistakes
  • We ask that after the game on the ride home, ask your child about their experience and try to highlight all the things they did great. This is not the time to focus on mistakes or give them coaching advice. Once you get home and everything is settled, that may be a good time to give them some tips and advice
  • We ask that you let our coaches coach and be a fan. We shouldn't have kids looking to their parents because their name is called or parents are coaching from the sidelines. Please refrain from talking to the refs and if you have any issues, please email us after the game and we will handle it the next day
  • Everyone is trying their best. Let's all relax and enjoy the fact that our kids are healthy enough to play the greatest game on earth and do so in an uplifting and positive environment