Milan Simone Tuttle Takes World By Storm

This has been an amazing week for Triple Threat Academy and young student athlete, Milan Simone Tuttle. After performing at the Cal Men’s Basketball Halftime Show, Milan has become a worldwide sensation!

A video of the super skilled 5 year old was posted on YouTube (view video) and in 24 Hours has changed this young lady’s life.

The video was viewed more than 2.1 million times in less than 24 hours, making her the #1 viewed video clip in the entire world!  Thanks to former Cal player Rod Benson posting a story about Milan on his BLOG, Milan was the featured story on Yahoo! News.

Since the video was posted, her video has been shown on CNN Newsroom, Inside Edition. Good Morning America and she performed at the Cal Women’s Nationally Televised game this past Friday against top ranked Rutgers University

Milan has also been contacted by: Jay Leno Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Bonnie Hunt and America’s Got Talent.

We are proud that Milan is bringing national attention to all the Triple Threat student athletes that have worked so hard over the past 7 years to reach their basketball goals.

It’s truly amazing what this young lady has accomplished in just 1 year of training with Triple Threat Academy. She represents the 10,000 student athletes that have trained with us and we thank you for your continued support of Milan and Triple Threat.

There will be more announcements over the next several weeks, so stay tuned.