Our Oakland location can be tricky the first time you attend. We put together this guide to help you get to the gym! Please note that if you are coming at night, the road to get to the gym in not lit and is very dark–don’t worry, you are in the right place. Just follow the instructions below and you will be at the gym before you know it.


Address: 3800 Mountain Blvd, Oakland

Triple Threat Academy’s Oakland location is located on the campus of Golden Gate Academy. This portion of Mountain Blvd if located off Redwood Road and runs parallel to highway 13.

  • The driveway to the gym is located 100 yards AFTER the freeway entrance to highway 13 north and 100 yards BEFORE the entrance to Holy Names University
  • If you arrive at the entrance gate to Holy Names University, you have gone too far. Please turn around the the entrance will now be 100 yards on your left. If you put this address into the GPS, it will not bring you to this driveway.



Please look for the white Golden Gate Academy sign on your right hand side coming up the Mountain Blvd


Finding the Gym

  • Once you turn up the driveway, you will continue up for 300 yards
  • When you come to the fork in the road, continue left and keep going up the hill
  • You will wrap around to the upper left of campus and arrive the baseball field
  • The gym in the same parking lot as the baseball field
  • If you are coming at night, it’s very dark so please be careful.

With our outdoor court expansion, we have lost some parking. Please see below where you can park and walk to the gym (2 min walk). Thank you.


Flow of Traffic

When you reach the upper parking lot:

  • Please stay to the right
  • If there are not spots, please do a look and continue back down the hill to the lower/additional parking lots
  • You may drop your child off before heading back down the hill
  • Please keep the flow of traffic going and don’t wait for a spot in the upper lot