Five Tips To Get Open Off The Ball

Moving off the ball is very important for an offense and something coaches love.  If your off ball players are in constant motion the defense can’t rest and scoring opportunities will open up.  Here are five great tips to cut better and for general off the ball movement.

1. Make Sure Your Cuts are Tight.  Whether doing a V-Cut, L-Cut, Backdoor Cut, or an cut, make sure you are cutting very tightly.  This means direct, straight line movements and if you are using a screen, make sure to go right off the screeners shoulder.  Round cuts make it easier for the defender to recover and stay with you.


2. Stay Active, Keep Moving.  Whenever you stay still it gives the defense a chance to recover.  If you keep moving around without the ball, eventually your defender will get tired, slow down, and create an opening for you to catch a pass and score.

3. Change Directions. If you stay moving the same way your defender can guess where you are going.  By continually changing directions you leave your defender guessing and open up more space for yourself.

4. Read The Defense and Find Open Space. You want to cut to open spaces, so see where the other defenders are situated and cut away from them.  If you see a big man slide up towards the three point line, cut backdoor to the hoop.  If you see the far corner is wide open, cut over there.  Keep an eye on the defense and open spaces.

5. Maintain Eye Contact With the Ball Handler.  If whoever has the ball can’t lock eyes with you or see where you are going, you won’t get passed to.  Make sure you make eye contact with whoever has the ball so they always know you’re ready to catch a pass.

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