For those looking for a more laid back approach to learning the game, this league is for you

With the increased demand for team/game play, we have started a league for kids to truly learn how to play and love the game, while helping prepare them for a more competitive environment down the road.

This league is geared towards beginner/intermediate players who have done our classes before or have been playing basketball in some capacity. If your child is a TOTAL beginner, we recommend taking our classes before doing the league.



  • Professional/Paid Coaching
  • Participate in Weekly Skills Learning and Organized Game
  • TTA Skills Training Incorporated into Practice
  • Mistake Friendly Environment to Learn the Game


  • One 90 minute session per week
  • 35-45 minutes of practice: skill work, team play and game teaching
  • 35-45 minutes of games, consisting of mostly 3 on 3 play and some full court later in the season

Our goal is for the kids to learn the game, build confidence and fall in love with basketball.  For these reasons, equal playing time will be provided and we will not keep score — this will encourage kids to just play and learn from their mistakes.

We will play 5 on 5 games, and also 3 on 3. Why will 3 on 3? We feel this is a great way for kids to get lots of opportunity to touch the ball, shoot the ball and be a part of every single play to maximize development. The same group of kids will be in class each week and play games against one another. This is not the type of league that plays other organizations or travels.

League Details

When: Please see updated schedule
Cost: $280 per season
Games: 8 Games Total
Location: TTA San Ramon- 23 Beta Court Suite D
Who: Grades 2-5


Your fee includes one jersey per calendar year

Uniforms are subject to change colors/designs.  The picture below is a representation of what you will get