How to Select a Basketball Summer Camp

How to Select a Basketball Summer Camp

Basketball summer campBasketball summer camp for young athletes is one of the best ways for a child or teen to enhance their basketball skills while exercising a little independence from mom and dad. However, as great as basketball summer camps are, with all the different types of camp options available knowing which one to choose can be difficult. If you’re struggling to select the ideal basketball summer camp, here are some helpful tips on how to select a basketball summer camp.

Decide Why You’re Going

The first thing that a young athlete or their parent should ask is why a basketball camp sounds great in the first place. Is it to refine skills? Meet people? Get out of the house and get some exercise? Play games? Have an intense training experience? Depending upon the reason why basketball summer camp is something your family is planning on, the type of camp you select will vary. Your child’s skill set should also be part of the decision when choosing a camp, as some camps are much more intense than others.

Choose Between a Day Camp and an Overnight Camp

The second thing that should be considered when selecting a basketball camp is whether the camp will be a day camp or an overnight camp, and how long you want to attend the camp. If this is your child’s first time away from home, you may want to consider doing a weekend or week long camp, rather than a two week or month-long experience; maybe even just a day camp would be preferable.

Some camps, like Triple Threat Academy, offer full day camps from 9 AM to 2 PM, which are a great alternative to the overnight version if your child is not yet ready to be away from home. On the other hand, if your child is an experienced camp-goer, a longer camp session, such as a month or more, might be preferable.

Take the Cost into Account

While cost isn’t something that people like to think about when making a decision about their child’s experiences and adventures, the cost of a summer camp can differ greatly depending upon the program you select. When exploring costs, make sure you ask about total program costs, not just the ones you see up front, such as enrollment fees. Ask if meals are included, transportation, activities, and any other hidden costs before making your decision.

Referrals from Friends, Family, or Former Participants

Finally, you’ll probably learn the most about camps by talking to people who have had experience going to them. Check online to see if the camp you’re considering is accredited, and read reviews from former participants.

It’s also a good idea to check directly with the people who run the camp and ask them some specific questions, such as what the rate of return for campers is from one year to the next or one session to the next, the age and experience level of the camp counselors, what accommodations can be made (dietary, medical, etc.), and if you can talk to other parents who have had children who’ve attended the camp. Camps that have been nationally recognized, such as the Triple Threat Academy basketball summer camps, are a very viable option.

Prepare for A Fun Camp Experience

If you’re considering a basketball summer camp this year, keep these factors in mind when you’re making your decisions. Choose a summer camp that fits your budget, has great reviews, and is the right intensity for your young athlete.

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