Basketball Skills – 7 Ways to Improve Yours

7 Ways to Improve Your Basketball Skills

It’s important for a young basketball player to spend timebasketball skills practice improving his or her basketball skills. To many players there is nothing more exciting than finding new ways to improve their game. In addition to Triple Threat Academy’s camps and trainings it’s always fun and exciting for players to find other ways to improve their game. They know that it can give them an edge on their competitors and could be exactly what they need to start the next season off right.

With some hard work on improving their basketball skills in the off season, they may get more time on the court, better numbers in the stat sheet, and more accolades at season’s end. Here are seven of the best ways to build on what you learn at Triple Threat Academy camps and improve your game.

Play Games Out of Season
There are a lot of opportunities for youngsters to play in games before the season ends. Teenagers can look for AAU leagues to join, and for those who want a less serious commitment, there are summer leagues in most major US cities.

In addition to AAU and summer leagues, most schools have open gyms where you can get some extra time on the court not just out of season, but in-season as well. As important as it is to work on detailed skills in the offseason, it’s also important to incorporate those skills at game speed, so staying sharp with off-season games is a great way to keep your skills sharp.

Practice Chair Drills
Lots of kids who are dedicated to playing basketball find that it’s hard to find other kids who will keep up with their passion. In the summer, or after practice, most kids want to go to the mall, play video games, or just hang out. For the kid that wants to keep playing basketball, chair drills can be extremely handy as a substitute for another player.

Set up stacks of chairs on a court, and use them to practice dribbling and shooting drills. The chairs can simulate the size of a player, and force you to keep your head up and navigate around them while maintaining speed and focus.

Focus on Strength and Conditioning
Most players start the season a little bit out of shape and out of practice. A kid who spends the summer and fall conditioning will be leaps ahead of his or her teammates when the season starts. Strength workouts are key for keeping fighting fit in the off season, as they can help players build muscles that are greatly helpful for basketball skills.

Eat Right
While just about everyone loves to chow down on junk food, those looking to improve their basketball skills would do better to stick to healthy snacks to give their game an edge. Kids, parents and coaches alike can read a book or two about nutrition, and incorporate what they learn into their training. A proper diet gives a young player superior energy and strength, which will show on the court.

Get Plenty of Sleep
Most kids don’t want to hear this, but getting enough sleep can be the difference between being sluggish on the court and running laps around the competition. Kids who get at least eight hours of sleep a night have far more energy when they lace up their shoes and hit the court.

Set Shooting Goals
The best way to improve your jump shot is through repetition; as with so many things, practice makes perfect. However, repetition can get a little flat and boring without setting some goals. Set a goal for every day: something such as 150 jumpers from three different spots, or 200 made free throws. Then try to hit that goal every day – that will keep players hot out of season, and give them a huge edge when practice starts up again.

Try Multiple Ball and Tennis Ball Drills
The best way to improve basketball-related hand-eye coordination is running these two drills: practice dribbling two basketballs at once, and then practice dribbling one basketball with one hand, while catching tennis balls from a friend or parent with the other hand. Your ball skills will improve dramatically as you are forced to multitask and your hand-eye coordination improves.

With these methods, any young player can experience a dramatic improvement in his or her basketball skills and what they bring to the game.

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