Basketball Camp Nutrition Habits for Best Performance

Basketball Camp Nutrition


Attending basketball camp can be a fun way for kids to sharpen Basketball camp Nutritiontheir basketball skills, connect with friends both old and new, and spend some time out of the house and away from home. While basketball camp is fun, it is also rigorous and demands work and a lot of energy. To maintain a good energy level, optimal performance and have fun at camp requires a focus on proper basketball camp nutrition.

Triple Threat Academy’s (TTA) fun and exciting basketball day camps teach the fundamentals of basketball, like shooting, passing, dribbling, and game knowledge. Here are some tips on camp nutrition to go along with the basketball knowledge.

Maintaining Proper Hydration Before, During and After Camp

When your body is participating in a challenging physically activity, it needs to be hydrated often to keep it healthy. Drinking water helps to lubricate your joints, control your body temperature, and also carries nutrients and vitamins to other parts of your body. If your body isn’t properly hydrated, you may experience dizziness, a headache, cramping, or fatigue.

Because athletes sweat much more than the average person, athletes (even young athletes) in particular need to keep well-hydrated. Drink water before your physical activity, during physical activity, and after physical activity. If you need an extra burst, consider drinking coconut water, which has a bunch of electrolytes and is full of potassium.

Eating Correctly Before, During and After Basketball Camp

Fueling your body for exercise is also of vital importance to those who are attending a basketball camp. Because you’re using a lot of energy throughout the day, make sure you eat before, during, and after camp each day. Focus your basketball camp nutrition on eating foods that are both healthy and delicious, such as turkey and cheese or pieces of fruit. Foods high in protein will help to fill you up; fat will give you fuel; and carbohydrates will give you a burst of energy—try eating an equal amount of all three throughout the day to keep you in prime shape.

Avoid sodas, sugary beverages or cereals, or excessive amounts of candy. While the sugar might give you a jolt right after eating eat, it will quickly slow you down, and leave you feeling hungry and lethargic.

Snacking In-Between

As a growing kid and an athlete, it’s likely that you’re hungry pretty frequently. Rather than snacking on chips, pretzels, or candy, choose jerky, dried fruit, or energy bars that are high in protein and low in sugar. There are some great protein bars out there designed specifically for kids that taste great, provide good nutrition and are perfect for eating on the go.

Before attending basketball camps this year, take a trip to the grocery store with your mom or dad to pick out some healthy eating options that will keep you energized, full, and going strong.