Online Basketball Coaching Resources

8 Basketball Coaching Resources Online

There is a wide range of basketball resources on the Internet. For coaches looking to lead their kids to victory and parents hoping to coach their own kids at home, basketball coaching resources online can be invaluable. From covering basic techniques like dribbling and shooting to demonstrating how to do a pick and roll, these resources not only prepare you to teach the game of basketball. Here are 8 online basketball coaching resources will help you step up your coaching game.

Breakthrough Basketball

Breakthrough Basketball is essentially an all-in-one package. It offers information on coaching philosophy, how to motivate players, and offers suggestions to help you plan out practices. Use this site to teach skills and fundamentals and work toward long-term player development goals. It also includes information on drills to run during practice and plays to make during games.

The Kids Sports Network

The Kids Sports Network is another of the beneficial basketball coaching resources available online. This site offers practical advice, such as drills, plays, and man-on-man defense strategies. There are also some unique articles, like suggestions on fun ways to end a basketball practice. These suggestions may be particularly useful for coaches of really young players, when it’s important that drills be as much about fun as about building skills.

Basketball HQ

Basketball HQ is an excellent guide to other resources: its main goal is to help coaches sort the good advice (and products) from the bad ones. It is very coach-centric, with links to coaching blogs, the best summer camps to send players to, and information on how the process of earning a college basketball scholarship works.

Coach Like a Pro

The website Coach Like a Pro is designed to offer basketball advice for all kinds of coaches at all different levels. It is geared towards both boys and girls in elementary, middle school, high school, and AAU. The site offers drills, plays for offense and defense, coaching strategies, workout routines, and team building activities.

YMCA of Louisville

The YMCA of Louisville is an ideal website for the beginning coach with beginning players. It offers plenty of how-to information, including how to teach a chest pass, a bounce pass, the art of the dribble, rebounding, shooting, defense and layups. The site even offers information for the youngest of players, with videos for 3- 5-year-old players and for players 6 years old and up.

You Tube – Coaching Resources

You Tube may be famous for cat videos and the like, but it can also be a valuable basketball coaching resource. Go to and search by “Coaching Resources Basketball” to find a range of useful videos to share with their team. This section offers a great deal of basketball videos that encourage the honing of ball handling skills. Many of the videos show how to better teach children to dribble a basketball — one unique method is teaching kids to dribble with a tennis ball first.

How to Coach Youth Basketball

How to Coach Youth Basketball does exactly what it promises: it teaches you how to coach youth basketball. It does this by focusing primarily on the fundamentals of the game. This site does a great job of highlighting the most important fundamentals and provides coaching methods that will help emphasize them. One of the site’s perks is its free video clips, which are full of visual demonstrations of skill instruction.

Guide to Coaching Basketball

The Guide to Coaching Basketball website is well organized and very user friendly. It offers a hoops blog, free plays and practice drills, instructional videos, and detailed fitness routines for in-season and off-season training. It also has a running tab of up to date posts, some of which are educational and some that are inspirational (featuring NBA players, for instance).

Basketball Coaching is Fun and Rewarding

Coaching basketball is a fun endeavor and offers a wonderful opportunity for you to bond with your team, or with your own children. But it also takes hard work, dedication, patience and, more than anything else, knowledge. These eight basketball coaching resources online can’t coach for you, but they can sure offer a helpful assist.

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