7 Steps for Young Kids to Develop Basketball Skills

7 Steps for Young Kids to Develop Basketball Skills

Sports like basketball can be a great way for kids to refine motor skills, basketball skills young kidsget exercise, and learn discipline. Basketball skills, which involves hand-eye coordination, good sportsmanship and dedication, requires a lot of practice to master. If you’re a parent looking for tips on how you can help your pre-teen develop the skills they need and pique their interest in playing basketball, look no further.

1.   Go to a Basketball Game
Not only is going to a game a fun night out with mom and dad, but it’s also a great chance to watch the action live. Share some of the players’ stats with your tween, buy him or her an ice cream cone, and settle in to watch the game. If your child already loves basketball, going to a basketball game is a great chance for him or her to observe players’ skills and see how great players conduct themselves, both on and off the court.

2.   Buy a Basketball
Once your kid is interested in basketball and wants to play, it’s time to start putting that passion into action. Purchase a basketball for your son or daughter and hit the courts. Even if you don’t have a hoop at home, your child can practice dribbling and passing just about anywhere outdoors, like the driveway or at a local park.

Additionally, most high schools or local rec centers have courts that are open to the public. Commit to practicing with your pre-teen a few times a week, and encourage him or her to work on some skills on his or her own, too. Not only will this encourage your child’s interest in basketball, but it will help build healthy exercise habits at an early age.

3.   Check Out Local Leagues
One of the best ways you can help your child to develop their basketball skills is by signing them up for a local junior league. Most cities and towns have community rec programs that sponsor youth leagues for free or a minimal fee. Weekly practices and games will help your child connect with other players, develop teamwork and communication skills, and clean up his coordination and basketball skills, too. Plus, local leagues are fun, and your kid will love having a fun way to hang out with his friends.

4.   Know Your Drills
You don’t have to be a basketball expert to know that there are some great basketball drills out there. If you’re not particularly sports savvy yourself, don’t worry; there is an abundance of basketball resources available online that can walk you through everything from game-day plays to day-to-day skill building drills. Team up with your kid and pick some drills that are fun and effective to do together, or which might be good for him or her to try running through without you.

5.   Enroll Your Child in Basketball Camp
If your child really loves basketball and just can’t get enough time shooting hoops, it might be time to enroll him or her in a basketball camp — maybe a Triple Threat Academy camp. A basketball camp—either an overnight or day camp—can be a fun way for kids to enhance their basketball abilities while making friends and learning leadership and teambuilding skills.

6.   Watch Basketball Regularly
One of the best ways to learn is by watching, so if your family doesn’t already watch basketball regularly, now might be the time to turn on the TV and start watching some games. You could also rent a basketball DVD or two. Basketball games show real players with highly developed skills in action, and are a fun way to spend an evening together as a family.

7.   Buy a Basketball Book
A basketball drill book written by former coaches or players, a book about playing basketball, or a history of the sport itself is a great way for a child to learn more about the sport. Plus, a book will help your kid to work on both their reading and their basketball skills.

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