7 Excellent Basketball Books for Kids

7 Excellent Basketball Books for Kids


For young kids, there are few better ways to fuel an interest in7-excellent-basketball-books basketball than by reading basketball books. Young hoopsters can be heavily influenced by reading material, whether it’s fiction that leads them to dream, non-fiction that inspires them with true stories, or coaching and instructional books that teach them valuable things about the beautiful sport. Before the next Triple Threat Academy camp, take a look at these 7 excellent basketball books with your kids.

Basketball for Dummies, by Digger Phelps
Basketball for Dummies is one of the multiple books belonging to the “For Dummies” series, geared towards teaching beginners how to do things well. Basketball for Dummies is, of course, not actually for dummies, but rather for beginners who are just getting started in basketball and want to learn as much as they can.

Phelps is a former standout college basketball coach, and he truly knows what he is talking about.  This book covers everything a beginner needs to get started: the basics and of the game and some details about the rules, the history of the sport, and tons of tips for how anyone can get better.

When the Game Was Ours, by Jackie MacMullan
When the Game Was Ours chronicles the rivalry-turned-friendship of legends Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.  In addition to offering wonderful NBA tidbits, it’s a great lesson in enduring friendship and the importance of sportsmanship.

For the Love of the Game: My Story, by Michael Jordan
No one is more iconic in basketball than the greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan.  This book chronicles some of his greatest moments while also offering lots of fun little stories and tidbits.  It’s full of fun facts and pictures, and is an inspiring read for anyone who loves the sport.

STAT: Standing Tall and Talented, by Amar’e Stoudemire
Most basketball lovers know Stoudemire as a star player in the NBA, but he’s also a children’s book author.  STAT is the story of Stoudemire’s youth and how he used his love of basketball to overcome the bullying of older kids.  This is a fabulous book that teaches basketball skills, sportsmanship and life lessons.

True Legend, by Mike Lupica
True Legend is an exceptionally inspiring novel for young hoopsters. It’s the story of 12-year-old Danny Walker, who plays with endless heart and passion despite being the smallest player on his team.  This fun novel is filled with inspiring words about how heart and passion are the most important aspects of a basketball player and staying true to your passion despite whatever obstacles you may face.

Values of the Game, by Bill Bradley
Values of the Game is the ultimate book for the kid who is just realizing how much they love the sport of basketball.  This book by NBA-star-turned-Senator Bill Bradley exhibits everything that people love about basketball, and reminds us why it’s such a wonderful game. This book covers topics like teamwork, passion, and dedication and encourages players to demonstrate these values in all aspects of their lives, both on the court and off.

Sacred Hoops, by Phil Jackson
In Sacred Hoops, the NBA’s greatest coach looks past all of the negative things that are associated with professional sports, and gets to the heart of the matter: that basketball is a wonderful sport.  It’s inspiring and informative for young players, who can see that even those on TV love the game for what it is: a game.

Reading about basketball combines two of the best things that kids can do: read, and play sports. Thankfully, there are numerous fabulous basketball training books available, and many of them are great reads for young kids who are interested in the game. All seven of these books are perfect reading material for every aspiring hoopster who wants to further his or her love of basketball.

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