6 Online Basketball Resources for Kids

Online Basketball Resources


For aspiring basketball players (and their parents) you can online-basketball-resourcesadd to what you learn at Triple Threat Academy camps and trainings through a number of online basketball resources. We have identified some useful websites for young players, parents and youth league coaches to assist you in learning more about basketball.

If you are a kid (or parent of a child) between the ages of 4-11 who loves basketball and wants to learn more about it, here are some resources we think you should check out.

1.     The Official Youth Basketball Website of USA Basketball

One great online resource is the youth version of USA Basketball. The website provides a variety of workout ideas for young basketball players, including skill drills to improve perimeter defense, dribbling skills, and shooting free throws; game drills such as jump roping exercises and ways to maximize training time; tips on how to improve your mental performance during a basketball game, including leadership tips, and more.

The website is also full of tips and quotes from the experts, like basketball stars such as Andre Drummond and Kevin Durant. Additionally, the website has a section for moms and dads and coaches, too.

2.    AVCSS Basketball

AVCSS Basketball is an excellent online basketball resource that contains free youth basketball drills, basketball plays, and coaching tips. The site contains a photo gallery with some of the greatest players of all time as well as pictures illustrating different plays and offensive and defensive strategies.

Unlike other websites of its kind, AVCSS basketball also offers an interesting section about the history of the game. You can also go directly to the AVCSS YouTube channel (click here) for a wide range of instructional videos.

3.   Breakthrough Basketball

Breakthrough Basketball is a website designed to help both basketball players and coaches improve their skills and abilities. Founded by a skills development trainer and basketball coach, this site offers advice that is based on experience and delivers results.

The website has information on different basketball plays, offense and defense strategies, player development, and basketball camps. Additionally, the website offers free DVDs and E-books that you can download for even more tips and advice.

4.   Online Basketball Drills

While not as inclusive as some other basketball resources for kids, Online Basketball Drills is both a great coaching resource for youth and a solid source of information for young players. The website also offers a variety of important basketball drills and plays, which are presented in an easy-to-understand format. Great for young kids, the website has a section on Basketball Basics for Kids, which includes 21 fundamental skill building drills for kids ages 4 to 11.

5.  HoopCoach

HoopCoach is a website that’s primarily designed to teach the basketball basics to kids or other learners at a beginner’s level. The website focuses on game knowledge and a variety of other basic skills such as dribbling, shooting, passing, and rebounding. The site also provides a thorough explanation of the differences between offense and defense, as well as all the different court lines and basketball zones.

6.  Pure Sweat Basketball

Pure Sweat Basketball and Drew Hanlen is a very good friend of TTA.  Pure Sweat is an online basketball resource full of links that lead to information for both kids and parents about basketball and skills development. The website contains helpful links to sites with nutrition tips, Youtube videos with workouts, daily tweets with advice on sportsmanship and maintaining a positive attitude, strength and training advice and more. For a truly informative website that offers tips and information about a variety of aspects of basketball, Pure Sweat Basketball is a fabulous resource.


Basketball – Keep Playing, Keep Learning

Triple Threat Academy believes that playing basketball is a great way for kids to build leadership and teamwork skills, develop their motor abilities, connect with others, and get a healthy amount of exercise. It is a sport that requires significant amounts of teamwork, skill, and patience to perfect.

While getting out and playing is perhaps the best way to learn a sport and perfect skills, these online basketball resources listed above are a great way to complement real-life action and provide young players with even more basketball knowledge.