5 Online Athletic Training Resources

Online Athletic Training Resources

Online athletic training resources Online Athletic Training Resourcescan provide excellent information, tips and ideas for young athletes hoping to stay on top of their skills in the off-season. As a middle or high school athlete, summer time is a time to focus on your training needs and getting your body in shape for the upcoming fall season.

Whether you participate in intramural or inter-scholastic sports, or even a summertime basketball camp, it is important to have access to resources that can help you train properly and maintain balance in your focus between exercise, rest and diet. Athletic excellence is based on more than the time you spend on the court or at the gym. If you are seeking to reach your peak performance, you should invest some time in these online athletic training resources and see what advice you can include in your basketball development.

These free training resources also include information that focuses on nutrition and health, as well as exercise and diet. Plus they are relevant to a wide range of sports that you may participate in – from football to soccer to wrestling, swimming, lacrosse and basketball. There is also a resource that discusses the very important issue of traumatic brain injury and ways you can reduce its impact.

Strength Training with a Limited Budget

As a young athlete, you are probably at that point where you have been told to start using weights and working out at the gym. If you do not have regular access to a gym or cannot afford a gym membership, Nationwide Children’s Hospital – Sports Medicine group offers suggestions to how you can create a weight training program in your home on a limited budget.

Using everyday household items such as empty milk containers filled with water or sand or partnering with a teammate can provide you with a lifting experience similar to what you can get at the gym. The advice from the Nationwide website also provides guidance to help in safely developing muscle mass.

Off-Season Basketball Training

Check out the information offered by elitefts, another solid online athletic training resource, for training tips designed for basketball players during the off-season. Once your off-season has begun, it is important to give your body a rest and the chance to recover, especially from injury.

As you get into your off-season training routines this resource provides info on the important areas of your hips and glutes (because of the game’s lateral movement) and ankle and foot mobility. Strengthening these areas of your body will lead to proper muscle development and reduce injury. Some very useful advice and information.

Summer Basketball Skill Development

In addition to the tips mentioned above, there are some skill development routines you should focus on as a middle or high school basketball player. The AVCSS Basketball website provides some solid  information and is a good online training resource. Information includes ball handling drills, developing your shooting technique and rhythm, lay-up drills and free throw drills. If you’re really enthusiastic about summer training, you can also ask your parents to sign you up for a summer basketball camp to keep your skills sharp and make sure you get plenty of practice.

Nutrition Guide for Young Athletes

Training your body and working on your skills as a basketball player are important in order to take your game to the next level. Understanding what to put in your body and how to obtain the proper nutrition is just as important. This also goes hand-in-hand with getting plenty of rest in order to promote proper bone and muscle growth. The nutrition tips provided by USA Basketball include menu plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When your body is working hard it is important to provide it with the best nutrition for developing muscles, strength and stamina. And remember to get rest and plenty of sleep (more sleep info here).

Traumatic Brain Injury Prevention and Control for Young Athletes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, concussions are a serious type of traumatic brain injury, or TBI. Any significant bump, blow or jolt to the head can result in a TBI. This condition is especially serious for young athletes, as the injury can have long-lasting effects on your development or in severe cases can even be fatal.

The CDC, through its Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports training series offers helpful training tips and advice for both athletes and parents in order to recognize the signs of TBI. They also provide insights on how to make smart decisions to stay safe during games, practice and training and avoid a serious head injury.

Take Advantage of These Training Resources

Use these free online athletic training resources to help your off-season training and combine them with  proper nutrition, plenty of sleep to get the most out of your off season work. Remember, there is more to athletic development than the time you spend on the court or at the gym.

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