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Welcome to TTA’s Digital Classroom. In response to the COVID-19 Shutdown, our team of awesome coaches have been putting together content and workouts for all of our TTA students to stay active and sharpen their skills during the downtime. We will be posting workouts, drills, challenges and content that we think is helpful. The basketball community is strong in the Bay Area and you will see videos from current and former TTA coaches.

Most of our content and LIVE workouts will be available on Instagram. You will need an account to access the live workouts, however the pre-recorded sessions will be available without having to login by clicking on the links below. We will try out best to post the Live workouts after they have been completed.

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Please feel free to send us your videos on Instagram by tagging us @ttahoops or using the hashtag #ttahoops

Our goal is to continue paying all of our coaches their full salary during the shutdown and also re-open our doors when it is safe to do so. For 18 years TTA has been helping kids around the world and we are planning on this continuing for decades more.

If you would like to make a small donation for the coaches efforts, you can do so here:   *All donations will go directly to paying our coaches*  We understand these are very difficult times, so please don’t feel obliged to donate if you are not in a position to do.

Thank you for your continued support during this shutdown. PLEASE listen to the experts, practice physical/social distancing–the quicker we all do this the quicker we can be back on the court!

SundayMarch 22ndIG Live w/ Coach Sid- Not Recorded
MondayMarch 23rdSitting Control Ball Handling- Coach Tony
TuesdayMarch 24thDefensive Footwork- Coach Teohn
WednesdayMarch 25thConditioning- Coach Tray
ThursdayMarch 26thFootwork- Coach Drew
FridayMarch 27th11 Driveway Drills- E-book
SaturdayMarch 28thCOVID-19 Q&A with Dr. Fauci and Stephen Curry
SundayMarch 29thReview All Workouts
MondayMarch 30thIntermediate Ball Handling- Coach Miles
TuesdayMarch 31st

Advanced Dribbling w/5 year old Milan

2 Ball Dribbling- Coach Miles

WednesdayApril 1st

Instagram Live w/Coach Mike- 1pm- Not Recorded

Post Moves- Coach Austin

ThursdayApril 2ndIG Live 10am-  Ball Handling- Coach Drew
FridayApril 3rd

Instagram Live w/Coach Sid- 1pm- Not Recorded

Series: Fake Fundamental Friday- Step Slide- Coach Stephen

SaturdayApril 4thSkip Dribble- Coach Tony
SundayApril 5thReview All Workouts
MondayApril 6thMaravich Monday- Coach Stephen (Ball Handling)
TuesdayApril 7th

Advanced 2 Ball Dribbling- Jacki Gemelos (TTA Alum)

Shooting Challenge- Coach Stephen

WednesdayApril 8thStationary Ball Handling- Coach Austin
ThursdayApril 9thIG Live- Coach Drew- Passing (Recorded)
FridayApril 10th

IG Live- Coach Sid- BEEF Shooting Form (Recorded)

Fake Fundamentals- Coach Stephen- Long First Step

SaturdayApril 11thReview All Workouts
SundayApril 12thDay Off- Happy Easter
MondayApril 13thMaravich Monday- Coach Stephen- Control Wraps
TuesdayApril 14thDribbling Movement- Coach Kristjan
WednesdayApril 15th

Pro Drop- Coach Mike

Free Throw Challenge- Coach Stephen

ThursdayApril 16thWall Shooting- Coach Stephen
FridayApril 17th

IG Live Workout- Coach Sid- Shooting and Pivots

Fake Fundamentals- Coach Stephen- Close Outs

SaturdayApril 18thIG Live- Coach Drew- Footwork
SundayApril 19thReview All Workouts
MondayApril 20thMaravich Monday- Coach Stephen- Ball Drop and Cone Progression
TuesdayApril 21stBall Protection Hip Swivel- Coach Teohn
WednesdayApril 22ndFloat and Shift Dribbles- Coach Mike
ThursdayApril 23rdMichael Jordan- Mastering the Basics- Coach Stephen
FridayApril 24th

Instagram Live Workout- Coach Sid 4pm

Fake Fundamentals-Coach Stephen- Stationary Ball Handling

SaturdayApril 25th

Instagram Live Workout- Coach Drew 12pm

Barry Old School Introduction

SundayApril 26thReview All Workouts
MondayApril 27thMaravich Mondays- Coach Stephen- Ball Control and Catching
TuesdayApril 28thHigh Intensity Tuesday- HIIT Workout- Coach Youngblood
WednesdayApril 29thSpeed Dribble- Coach Kristjan
ThursdayApril 30thWall Sits- Barry Old School
FridayMay 1stFake Fundamentals- Coach Stephen- Defensive Slide Drills
SaturdayMay 2ndReview All Workouts
SundayMay 3rdInstagram Live Workout- Coach Sid 2pm
MondayMay 4thMaravich Mondays- Coach Stephen
TuesdayMay 5thHigh Intensity Tuesdays- Coach Youngblood
WednesdayMay 6thLine Shooting- Coach Stephen
ThursdayMay 7thMikan Drill- Barry Old School
FridayMay 8thInstagram Live Workout- Coach Sid 4pm
SaturdayMay 9thInstagram Live Workout- Coach Drew 12pm

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