Hi Parents,

We are told the final drafts for the games have been posted. It’s very important to check back at 3pm on Friday to confirm if there have been any changes. Have a great day of hoops and Go 49ers!! (updated 1/31 at 8:30am)

Coach Tray

3rd Grade (Coach Tray): http://www.openball.com/seasonDivision/20196

4th Grade (Coach Tray): http://www.openball.com/seasonDivision/20198

12u (Coach Tray): http://www.openball.com/seasonDivision/20200

Coach Darius

5th Grade (Coach Darius): http://www.openball.com/seasonDivision/20199

6th Grade (Coach Darius): http://www.openball.com/seasonDivision/20201

8th Grade (Coach Darius): http://www.openball.com/seasonDivision/20205

Thank you.

Tony Freccero
TTA Director