For those looking to become an unstoppable scorer.

We are excited to announce our new Scoring School Training Program. This program will focus 100% on becoming an Unstoppable Offensive Player who can score at will. Incorporating the newest moves and techniques, our coaches will combine ball handling, shooting, footwork and moving without the ball into a package of skills that will translate directly to game play.

For the cost of one session with a private coach, you will receive eleven(11) hours of small group semi-private training from our coaches who have played at the highest levels. What does this mean for your player? More reps, more attention to detail, more competitive situations, more confidence and the best transfer of practice skills to game success that we have offered.

Scoring School is geared towards intermediate/advanced players who are looking for more rapid improvement in a smaller group setting. If your child is a TOTAL beginner, we recommend taking our classes before doing the program.

Please see the details below, spots are limited to 14 players per group.



  • Lower Coach to Child Ratio (1:7 max)
  • 11 Total of Professional Skills Training
  • Skills/Drills That Will Immediately Translate to Game Success
  • Mistake Friendly Environment to Learn the Game


  • One (1) 60 minute sessions per week
  • 25-35 minutes intense skill work
  • 25-35 minutes competitive/game like situations


  • Offensive Scoring Moves
  • Shooting: On the Move, Off the Dribble and with the Shooting Machine
  • Dribbling Attack Moves
  • Moving Without the Basketball To Create Scoring Opportunities
  • Proper Footwork and Attack Angles
  • Become an Unstoppable Scorer

Fall Schedule 

When: Wednesdays (September 4th-November 13th)
How Many: 11 Total Training Sessions
Cost: $220
Location: TTA San Ramon- 23 Beta Court Suite D

Session #1- 5-6pm- Ages 11-12 (ALL GIRLS)
Session #2- 6-7pm- Ages 11-12 (ALL BOYS)
Session #3- 7-8pm- Ages 13-15 (Co-ed)