TTA Summer Open Run- It’s Finally Here

Most playgrounds are sitting empty for a variety of reasons–so we are opening the playground back up! A component that we’ve been hoping to add for a while–it’s finally here. Open Run is vital for a player’s development and we will be offering the platform for players to: PLAY

No refs, no whistles, no coaches telling you what to do–just old school pickup basketball to help enhance your game and try new things in a mistake friendly environment. This will be competitive, action packed and allow players that free play component that has been missing as most games/practices/activities are 100% structured. As our 7th and 8th graders prepare for high school, the need for free thinking, spontaneity and a free flowing game is a must.

This Open Run is geared for intermediate/advanced players who have done our classes before or have been playing basketball in some capacity. If your child is a TOTAL beginner, we recommend taking our classes before doing the open run.

Please see the details below, spots are extremely limited. This will take place on our new outdoor court.




  • Daily Open Run (Monday-Thursday)
  • Players Organize Games
  • Players Call their Own Fouls
  • Players Develop Decision Making Skills
  • TTA Coaches on Site


Your summer pass includes unlimited days on the court. That’s right, the court will be open Monday-Thursday (See Times Below). We will have TTA coaches on site to help monitor, but our goal is for kids to organize and play on their own.

When: Summer 2022- 4 Days Per Week
Dates: June 6th-August 2nd (court closed July 4th-7th)
Times: 6:05-7pm (Mon/Wed) and 7:05-8pm (Tues/Thurs)
Cost: $175 per player
Location: TTA Oakland- 3800 Mountain Blvd- Outdoor Courts
Who: Boys and Girls- 7th and 8th Grade