Tyler Jones

Basketball has been the key focus of most of Tyler's life, playing for over 25 years and coaching various age levels for over a decade. After searching for the right place to utilize his skill set, Tyler is happy to be a part of the Triple Threat team!

Tyler focuses heavily on the importance of fundamentals. He encourages athletes to master the basics, since this is what makes a player go from good to excellent.

Tyler's favorite player of all time is Alonzo Mourning. He believes Mourning is the epitome of mastered fundamentals, and how they can be applied for maximum success in the game. In fact, Tyler is such a fan he adopted jersey #33 after him!

Tyler believes in a tough but fun approach to learning the game, which means a heavy focus on developing a skill set while having some good laughs in the process. He remains close to many of his former athletes demonstrating a lifetime devotion to guiding them through both life and the game.


  • - College Park High School
  • - Monte Vista High School


  • - San Ramon