Coach Kris

Kristjan Aubry

Kristjan was born to be a basketball player. From very early on, she was one of the tallest kids in school, earning the nickname “Baby Shaq” from friends. Her view from above has given her a perspective of the game that allows her to quickly identify what makes each player unique and how to infuse their personality into their training.

Kristjan believes that every athlete is different and strives to teach players how to harness that difference as a strength on the court. She doesn’t baby the kids, but she won’t leave them behind either. Kristjan enjoys finding the right combinations of teaching, demonstration, and motivation to get your kids to the next level.

With great patience and encouragement, Kristjan can motivate players to push themselves to the next level in both skill and character. She understands the power of team sports in developing social and motor skills, so she puts in the time and effort to help your kids learn


  • High School- Dublin High (CA)
  • College- Las Positas (CA)
  • Las Positas college volunteer coach for women's basketball team


  • San Ramon