Keith Lai

When Triple Threat Academy hosted a few classes at a local 24-Hour Fitness, Keith discovered the magic that goes on here and was hooked. Already experienced as a personal trainer, he fit in naturally with us—and has quickly become one of our top coaches.

Keith came into his own later than most, diving into the game his freshman year of high school after a successful run as a swimmer. Since those days at California High School, he has gone on to play for New Home Christian College, and has even coach several women’s varsity basketball teams for various high schools and colleges.

Listening is an important value to Keith, and he coaches players to become stronger listeners on and off the court. He knows that if kids can develop this skill, they can be successful in more than just basketball!


  • High School- California High (Dublin)
  • College- New Hope Christian College (OR)
  • College- California Baptist College (CA)
  • Dougherty Valley, Assistant Women's Varsity (08-09)
  • Valley Christian, Assistant Junior Varsity (2011)
  • Valley Christian, Head Varsity (2012-2015)
  • Bentley Upper School, Head College (2015-Current)
  • ABA Eastbay Pitbulls 2012


  • San Ramon
  • TTA San Ramon Club Team Coach- 13u Red