Drew Nash

Drew has played basketball his whole life. In fact, it was his high school coach who introduced him to Triple Threat Academy. Since then, Drew he’s had a drive to pass on his knowledge of the game to others.

The friendships he has forged along the way have shaped Drew into a very relational player, and have shown him how to teach elements of teamwork with a lot of empathy for students who only see examples of selfishness elsewhere.

Kids love Drew because, at heart, he’s an encourager. He has helped countless young players come out of their shell and develop confidence simply by coaching them with great patience and compassion. Best of all, he knows the secret to building confidence and trust—helping a player learns to love themselves and their team.


  • High School- Oakland High (CA)- OAL Champion
  • College- Santa Ana (CA)
  • Head Coach- TTA 10u (2015)
  • Head Coach- Piedmont Rec


  • Alameda