Coach Darius

As a kid, Darius remembers watching Michael Jordan on TV. He was so fluid and made everything look so easy, that—just like in the Gatorade commercials—he was inspired to “be like Mike!”

Later in life, Darius learned that it only looked easy because Mike did the hard stuff off camera. So he started practicing, and he honed his skills so much that it earned him a place on the team at Wilberforce University.

Now, Darius loves to connect with kids through the game, and feels especially proud when they are able to take his instruction and learn a new skill. His students take him back to the awe and wonder he felt as a kid when he learned a new move or mastered a fundamental.

Over the years, Darius has improved his game tremendously because of the time he has spent coaching young players. Triple Threat Academy has been a place for him to pass on what he’s learned, inspiring new players who want to “be like Darius.”


  • De Anza High School 2002-06
  • Cornerstone Prep School 2006-07
  • Santa Rosa JC 2007-09
  • Wilberforce University 2010-13
  • SimplyFundamental coach and trainer


  • San Ramon
  • Oakland
  • TTA Club Coach 9u Gold and TTA Oakland Blue